The school has great significance for each individual’s development because it accepts many attributes, abilities, and behaviors in it. Kids at School has the opportunity to develop all its potential in a mountainous and systematized way, accepting knowledge in the group, and developing numerous social skills. In addition, a child at school establishes a relationship with authorities, teachers, and accepts many attitudes and values.


Also, the school is an important communicator of social principles. Therefore, the school seeks to develop the forms of behavior that are considered socially desirable in children and at the same time prevents the development of forms of behavior that are considered negative.

The intellectual, emotional and social development process

The intellectual, emotional and social development process, which begins in the family. Extends intensively and systematically in school, though in new conditions and tough and harder requirements for the child. Every child who goes to school must learn to satisfy the many desires and needs that parents have satisfied.


Likewise, you feel that you behave quietly. And adapt to the fact that it is only one individual among the peer group groups. Also, recognize the school of adaptation to the needs set by teachers, teachers, and peers.

Teachers must establish a good relationship with students

On the other hand, if a child has difficulty adjusting to certain situations, associates. And teachers, this can contribute to the appearance of aggressive behavior, withdrawal, insecurity, negative self-image. In general, a school can have a negative impact, as it may cause behavioral disorder, but also other severe psychological disorders in children. Inadequately, the inadequate relationship of a teacher to a student can cause enough conflict, damage his or her self-confidence and cause aggression, which moves to the objects to which they may appear, most often peers. Teachers’ change, lack of teacher engagement, rivalry, poor co-operation. And the like can be considered to have a negative impact on the success and overall development of student’s personality. Also, the school may be suitable for the development of various behavioral disorders, alcohol abuse, and various psychoactive substances.


Therefore, it is certain that the school can influence the development of personality both positively and negatively. And that it creates a series of social, emotional and psychological problems. Problems should be timely recognized and addressed with the appropriate co-operation of teachers, parents, and representatives of other institutions, if necessary.