The fine motor is a series of coordinated movements of the bones, joints, and muscles of the fake (especially the fingers) to perform small, precise movements. Narrow is related to the coordination of the eye-arm (the ability of the hand and fingers to properly perform the task we have seen with the eye). A fine motor is necessary to perform a multitude of everyday tasks that adults are performing with ease, which children from birth to preschool age have to practice through the fun activities they will accept as a game. Thus the child will develop fine motorcycles to be able to carry out practical activities related to caring for themselves: properly eating spoon, fork and knife, clearing the nourished food, opening / closing the juice bottle, unlocking / locking the buttons, opening / closing the patent hang on the jacket, tie the shoes, get tired and tie the tail or even twist the bra.


The development of fine engines from initial capture to writing, while developing awareness of self-care, the child is preparing for the school so that it can be used to hold the printer, dye, cyst, gum wipers or cutter scissors, starting from straight line cutting to all the more complicated lines and shapes (hairlines, lipstick lines, wavy lines, triangle, squares, circle). Motor and Speech Connection It is worth mentioning that various research shows that engine and speech development are closely related. So, an active child who travels, runs, jumps, climbs and runs because of the more developed rough engines has a richer knowledge of the world and needs words to express their experience and find them.

Most common mistakes that reduce the development of child intelligence

Kids who are engaged in activities for the development of fine engines will experience the world around them and feel their feelings so they will learn by their own experience what is difficult, easy, small, big, smooth, soft, rugged, cold, warm .

What are the positive effects of fine motor development?

In our home, we are focused on materials that we can positively influence the development of a child’s fine motor. Our home is like a treasure chest that just waits for us to open and offer children.