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Dinosaur lamps, we at All Kids Lamps designed our best selling lamp: AKL101. We have received so many compliments, we also carry dinosaur night light, ceiling fan come and dinosaur around : )

Dinosaur Lamp for Kids, Dinosaur Light


$89.95   $59.95
In stock
One of our bestsellers, designed and manufactured by us: All Kids Lamps. Your child will love the realistic (but fun, not scary!) dinosaurs on this artist... More

Teapot Lamp for Kids, Teapot Decor


$79.95   $39.95
In stock
You or your child will feel like biscuits and scones with this whimsical teapot ala Alice in Wonderland. What a great addition to your child's room! This... More

Custom Dinosaur Table Lamp, Dinosaur Light

CODE: GA-dinosaurlamp

$95.99   $79.99
In stock
Fun for all ages! These whimsical lighting fixtures will put a smile on you or your child's face with a myriad of shapes and themes meant to stir the... More

Kids ceiling fan, Dinosaur decor, lamp

CODE: CF1014

$115.19   $99.99
In stock
DINOSAUR DINOSAURS T-REX JURASSIC Ceiling Fan your choice of 42" or 52"(which has 3 light fixtures.)   This ceiling fan will create a great... More

Kids ceiling fan, Nojo Back in Time Dinosaur decor

CODE: CF1069

$115.19   $99.99
In stock
NOJO BACK IN TIME DINOSAURS Ceiling Fan 42" or 52" (3 light fixtures) lamp. This ceiling fan will create a great breeze in your child's room, its decorative... More

NEW Kids ceiling fan, Dinosaur decor

CODE: CF1084

$115.19   $99.99
In stock
New Dinosaurs Ceiling Fan in 42" or 52". This ceiling fan will create a great breeze in your child's room, its decorative and fun to look at. Overall a... More


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