Custom Butterfly Projecting Light Bulb, hand painted

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These light bulbs give a beautiful projection on your walls and ceiling.

The energy efficient bulbs are custom hand painted, with a non toxic, lead free, water based paint, so its completely safe and permanent. It will never melt, or burn, or peel, or fade, or crack, or smoke, or smell, or emit any sort of fumes, ever!
The average life is 3-5 years with 8 hours of daily use, and can last 7-8 years when only used a couple of hours a day.DOES NOT INCLUDE LAMP! 

Since they have a standard size base these bulbs fit anywhere a regular bulb fits, . Some ideas: in table lamps, ceiling lamps, paper lanterns, wall sconce and more. 

When reflecting the design, best results are achieved on a white wall or ceiling. Place the lamp close to the wall for a sharper image or further away for a larger image.  Remember that with the round design of the bulb being reflected onto a flat wall, distortion is normal.

This is a custom item, click here: custom item to see our terms and conditions for our custom items.

This item will mail out in about 2 weeks.


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