About our company

Our business serves two purposes. 

First, as parents of five wonderful kids we absolutely understand how hard it is to find time to shop for unique and fun lighting and decor for children.  We believe our company showcases the largest variety of high quality and creative lighting choices for kids, making the lives of busy parents looking for fun lamps and chandeliers just a little bit easier. 

Our company started with just 30 different lamps and we now offer over 1,000 styles of kids lighting.  We provide a one-stop kids lighting store and a secure shopping environment, along with great customer service!

Second, we want to do what we can to brighten the lives of children that don't have access to basic human needs (healthcare, food, water, shelter) or quality education due to poverty. 

That is why we donate 50% of all profits from All Kids Lamps to children's charities that are working to improve the lives of kids around the world.

 Learn more about the charities we support here

We are very thankful for your support.  We are sure you will love our exceptional lamps, chandeliers and lighting products and we greatly appreciate your help in making a small difference in brightening the lives of children in poverty.



Dave and Lisa


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